Founding Team

Karthik Bhat - Founder - SecureDB - Encrypted Identity Manager Karthik Bhat - CEO
Karthik has been coding professionally for the last 15 years. He is also an expert in Identity and Access Management solutions. Karthik is passionate about solving 'big' problems in simple and elegant ways. A former Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton, Karthik has worked both in Public and Private industries. He experience ranges from managing software development teams to running operations for large enterprises.

Karthik holds a M.S. in Electrical Engineering from West Virginia University and an B.Sci. in Electronics and Communications Engineering from University of Mysore, India.
Nikhil Sontakke - CTO
Nikhil is a database expert. Besides being a contributor to the Open Source PostgreSQL project, Nikhil is a major contributor to the Open Source Postgres-XL - a highly scalable database cluster. Nikhil was part of the founding team of StormDB - a fully managed RDBMS providing reliable performance with seamless scalability (StormDB was acquired by TransLattice). He was employee #3 at EnterpriseDB India where he spearheaded the technical architecture for an enterprise-class open-source alternative for Oracle DB. Nikhil has previously worked at Symantec and holds 2 patents.

Nikhil holds a M.Tech. degree in Computer Sci. from IIT Bombay, India and an B.E. degree Computer Sci. Engg. from National Institute of Tech., Nagpur, India.

Supported by:

Mach37 - Top Cyber-Security Accelerator in US backs SecureDB Mach37 - Cyber Accelerator

MACH37™ is America’s premier market-centric cyber-security accelerator. The Accelerator is designed to facilitate the creation of the next generation of cybersecurity product companies. SecureDB is proud to be a Mach37 incubated company.
CIT - Center for Innovative Technology backs SecureDB CIT - Center for Innovative Technology

CIT - Center for Innovative Technology creates technology-based economic development strategies to accelerate innovation, imagination and the next generation of technology and technology companies. SecureDB is proud to be associated with CIT.
AOL Fishbowl Labs backs SecureDB AOL Fishbowl Labs

AOL Fishbowl Labs is Northern Virginia's premier incubator. It was created by AOL in 2012 to promote innovative internet startups. SecureDB is proud to be associated with Fishbowl Labs.


John-Mark Gurney - Advisor - SecureDB John-Mark Gurney
Cryptography Expert
FreeBSD, Cryptography Research, Inc., New Context, Inc.

Rinaldi Rampen - Advisor - SecureDB Rinaldi Rampen
Information Security Expert
Crypsis Group, nVisium, LivingSocial, CrowdStrike

Johnson Agogbua - Advisor - SecureDB Johnson Agogbua
Startup Mentor, Entrepreneur
Pi-Coral, Inc., Alcatel Lucent, Jazuc Group

Doug Raymond - Advisor - SecureDB Doug Raymond
Startup Investor, Advisor
Google, Amazon, Endgame, National Defense University

Chida Chidambaram - Advisor - SecureDB Chida Chidambaram
Tech Entrepreneur, Advisor
Day1 Solutions, Blitzar Ventures, OpenOsmium

Chetan Pungaliya - Advisor - SecureDB Chetan Pungaliya
Internet Technology Expert.
Poshmark, Kaboodle, StarCite, InhaleDigital