SecureDB offers Encrypted Identity Manager, delivered through an easy as-a-service channel. Product is full of awesome identity management features and encryption that is robust, fool-proof and also extremely easy to implement and maintain.

Built for Developers

For Mobile and Web applications

Encrypt Identity Data (User Profile Data) of your customers by calling simple APIs. Extend it to other sensitive data such as files. No more complex encryption code, or hassles of Key Management, or worry if you got the crypto right. We've got you covered.


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Blazing Fast

Encryption that does not slow you down
We engineered SecureDB with your performance needs in mind. We also have enterprise plans with dedicated infrastructure.


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Great APIs

RESTful APIs that store data Encrypted

Registration APIs

Authentication + Two Factor Auth

Password Management APIs

Login History APIs

Search APIs

Handling custom data and files

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Client Libraries

Client Libraries and modules for popular platforms

The following libraries will be available soon.


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Awesome Dashboards

Keep a close eye on your users

Our dashboard lets you see who is logging in, what privileged activities are they doing, who your most frequent (and least frequent) users are etc. Dashboard also allows you to setup Password policies, manage API keys etc.


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Get Security Alerts

Customer Behavior + Security = Awesomeness

Want to be alerted when a large portion of logins are failing? Or too many users are changing their passwords all of a sudden? All these could be indicators of bad things. We'll send you alerts when these and many other security events happen so that you can prevent mishaps before they happen.


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Nightly Backups

Fully encrypted backups of data + logs

We take backups of your data every night. We also take backups of your audit data every night. It is stored encrypted and can be decrypted only with your keys. We also take backups of logs in case they become necessary for forensics.


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Failover + Redundancy

Fully redundant architecture means no downtime

Things happen. Servers fail. But worry not, we have designed our cloud service to be fault tolerant. Every layer has redundancy built in.


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Dedicated Database for Every Customer

Full data isolation between customers

Every customer gets their own database. It's that simple. This not only applies to User Profile data, but also to Audit and Policy data.

We have taken extra care to ensure total isolation and segregation between data belonging to different customers. Your data lives all by itself (and it's a good thing).


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Get Closer to Compliance

We'll work with your auditors.

Be it PCI, HIPAA or ISO27001. We can help you get there fast. We are working on getting these certifications ourselves. We'll keep you updated on the progress.


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Don't Reinvent the Wheel

Focus on your core business. Don't build another Identity Management module.

SecureDB has built a full-featured Encrypted Identity Management product encompassing all your identity management and encryption needs. Sensitive user data is always encrypted - whether it is in transit or at rest. Enable best-in-the-class encryption at every layer using SecureDB APIs.

Then why sweat reinventing the encryption wheel on your end?


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Security on a Budget

Ask us about our startup/non-profit discounts

With SecureDB, implementing strong protections for your customer data is
inexpensive. Moreover, it is FREE to start.


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