Available on:

SecureDB - Encrypted Identity Manager - available as cloud API
SecureDB - Encrypted Identity Manager - supported on Heroku as add on
SecureDB - Encrypted Identity Manager - available on Amazon AWS
SecureDB - Encrypted Identity Manager - available for on-premise installation

Identity Management APIs to Encrypt:

  • User Profile Data
  • Access Credentials, User Passwords
  • PII and PHI
  • Secrets like OAuth Tokens, API Keys

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Minutes to encrypt

first user profile record


Lines of code needed

to integrate


Months development and

testing effort saved


Developer plan

with full set of APIs.

Developer Friendly Encrypted Identity Manager

Create User Profile

curl -i -d 
           '{   "userName":  "[email protected]",
                "password":  "^hgsDHS*_90&",
                "ssn":       "123-12-1234",
                "dob":       "01/01/1970"
-H "Content-Type: application/json"
-H "Authorization:Basic VEg4TkhCR1E1UDp0JGN0ZKVVTE="
-X POST https://api.securedb.co/securedbapi/accounts/c1/dev

Have it encrypted in DB

    "userName": "hJZMIgExHKj6qrmEt7PuCd54tg==",
    "password": "10000:4c67541bb7:532f008cdfe",
    "ssn":      "brAXzUQLRhsn9mQ/gxR40QQu+/w==",
    "dob":      "oQd8OtuWEwDMCKR5eTV6FQB/QYB=="

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Extend Encryption to All App Data

Encryption by first-principle is complex, time-consuming and expensive.

Leverage SecureDB's Encryption-as-a-Service approach to create an encrypted back-end that protects user profiles, files and any custom data of your app.

SecureDB is Part of AWS Partner Network

SecureDB is part of AWS Partner Network

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Mach37 - Top Cyber-Security Accelerator in US backs SecureDB Mach37 - Cyber Accelerator
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